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Save money this Halloween
Halloween is just a few days away, leaving many people looking at ways to save money for all of the festivities. We all want to throw impressive parties and having costumes that will thrill; however, this usually comes at a price. Halloween tends to be a fairly expensive holiday when it’s all added up but […]
make money swagbucks
One of the most common questions on the Internet today is what is the best way to make money online. There are plenty of opportunities out but the easiest has to be Swagbucks, and no this post is not sponsored in any way by Swagbucks either. In my experience, the easiest way to make money […]
Ever wish that you could earn cash with your random trivia knowledge? Well look no further! SwagIQ is one way of earning extra money for your upcoming Disney trip. But what is SwagIQ? It is a live game show through their mobile app that is hosted by Swagbuck to win points known as SB several […]
It is exciting to go to Disney but the cost can set you back. We talk a lot about how to save money in daily life to pay for a trip but what about when you are on your trip. Things tend to add up pretty quick, more so with a family trip. However, there […]
Do you ever wish you could bake that seems homemade but never seems to come out right? We may have an easy option for you! This is a little different from previous posts as this is for both DIY and for money-saving tips. We try to do a lot of the work for birthday parties […]
One of the biggest expenses for the typical household is the cable bill. The costs can vary from household to household but it is still an added expense. For a lot of cable plans, the total can easily be over $100 per month! At that cost, it can take up a good percentage of someone’s […]
I am the type of person who likes to be listening to something while driving or doing yard work and is usually music. However, I sometimes get on a podcast kick. If you don’t know what a podcast is, A podcast is an audio series that is broken up into episodes. It can be read […]
How often does it happen that you are checking your email and find that you have a discount code for a store and instinctively go to see what you could get? It is human nature to be curious about how much you could save. This is without having anything in particular that you needed to […]
Envelope method
Trying to get a budget established can be difficult and is by no means fun. It takes time to set up and figure out how much goes to each expense. The problem some people will have is that when creating a budget, especially on a spreadsheet, is that it is not tangible. It becomes difficult […]
This money saving tip is for those that are 21+ years of age. If you drink alcohol on a regular or semi-regular basis, the cost can add up quite a bit. An easy way to save money here is to brew your own. The initial cost can be a little expensive depending on the size […]