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Universal Studios Orlando has a lot of great resort options for value, moderate and deluxe to meet any budget. This includes probably one of their best-known resort, Cabana Bay. Cabana Bay beach resort is a great moderate resort that has plenty of amenities to make your stay worthwhile, including its proximity to the parks. The […]
Are you the type that feels like you have forgotten something after you have left for your trip? It seems inevitable that something will be left behind. Finally, during our last trip, we made an inventory of everything that we brought. There were a few things that were forgotten and have added on since then. […]
You have a great trip planned for the whole family including young children. However, nothing throws in a wrench into your plans like height requirements. If this is a possibility with your party, view the Universal Studios Orlando height requirements. Even when traveling children, Universal Studios has you covered. They have rolled out a rider […]
If you read through the Universal Studios height requirements last week, you may have been wondering what there is to do for the little kids. A lot of rides require either for the children to be taller or for them to be accompanied by an adult (which isn’t necessarily a bad idea). Universal Studios in […]
When traveling with little ones, it can be important to plan some areas of your trip out. One of the biggest ways is to find out what rides your child may be able to ride when you arrive. Similar to Disney, there are height requirements for Universal Studio rides. It may seem like a nuisance […]
Similar to Disney World or any other theme park, there are specific times during the year to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Like other parks, they usually revolve around the times of school vacations but not in the way that you expect. Although sometimes school vacations are the only time some people can go, these are […]