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About Saving For the Kingdoms

If you have found this page, the you are probably curious about Saving For The Kingdoms. Well first and foremost, Welcome and thank you for stopping by Saving for the Kingdoms. I’m Adam and I am a Disney Addict! I’ve always had a soft spot for Disney and have a lot of great memories there. But in recent years, it has grown and I now have much more of a sentimental connection. My wife and I are both Disney fanatic, so much so that we had our wedding at the Wedding pavilion several years ago. The both of us have gone to Disney a couple times before getting together and since then have been at least 10 times together. Adding to our Disney journey was the birth of our little princess, who loves Disney as much as we do!

The whole idea of creating this blog was to share my love of Disney with trip details and pictures, as well as a way to help others come up with ideas to save money for their trips, whether to Disney or other vacation. I work full-time (not as a writer… I’m as far from being a travel writer as possible) but I thought this would be an enjoyable and interesting way to give a little back the Disney community.

About Saving for the Kingdom

Saving for the Kingdoms came about after talking with friends about how we are able to go to Disney/Universal as often as we do. This lead to a long discussion of Disney trips and money saving tips. At that point, I decided that it would be fun to try my hand at writing. Since that point Saving For The Kingdoms has slowly grown and evolved.

Since starting the website, we have expanded a little to incorporate various Disney related topics such as DIY/recipes but have stayed true to Disney news and Trip tips. I want to be able to help others plan their trips, so that they can get the most out of it and give strategies to make it possible with money saving/making tips. We continue to work some articles in on Universal Studios but Disney is our main focus!

You can contact me at [email protected] with questions, concerns, pointers, criticism. I welcome it all. We are in no form associated with Disney, so all of our articles are of our own opinion. We have used or considered all of the money saving tips suggested in our articles.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me


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