Fun For The Little Ones -Universal Studios Play Areas

If you read through the Universal Studios height requirements last week, you may have been wondering what there is to do for the little kids. A lot of rides require either for the children to be taller or for them to be accompanied by an adult (which isn’t necessarily a bad idea). Universal Studios in Orlando has designed areas of the park for the younger children to explore and play. These are spread out over the two parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure). There are 3 areas in Universal Studios and a total of 4 play areas at Islands of Adventure. All of the Universal Studios play areas are pretty large and each has its own unique inspiration.

Universal Studios Orlando Play area

These three large play areas are all about imagination! First up is based on the animated movie, American Tail movies; with the design based on Fievel’s adventures. This is a great area for the children to get their energy out as this has options for them to climb and jump/bounce around on. The area gives the feeling like you have shrunk down to the size of a mouse with oversized props all around!

The second encourages you to get curious with the Curious George Goes to Town. This is a great area for the kids to cool down with a bunch of water jets and fountains to get soaked at. There is also an area where the little ones can throw or launch foam (soft) balls at each other. And 3rd up is Barney’s backyard which of course is based on the children’s television show Barney. All of these will provide a lot of activities for your kids to have a great time exploring and using their imaginations. They have everything from a tree house looking slide to the Barneyville Station. For those that like music, they also have an area to make your own music including musical stepping stone.

Islands of Adventure

Adventure is rampant with these four play areas. First on the list for Islands of adventure is If I Ran the Zoo! This gives your kids the adventure of seeing unusual animals based on Dr. Suess. This has a giant game of tic tac Joe and a water area for the kids to play in. Don’t miss the slide in the tunnels in the Zomba-ma-tant. Next up is Me Ship, The Olive based on Popeye cartoons. Take control of your own seafaring vessel. Me Ship is made up of 3 decks of fun for the little ones. This includes a climbing deck, slides and more!

The next two are both fall within the realm of the Jurassic. Of these, Camp Jurassic is up first. Explore an area with dinosaurs at every turn. Kids will be able to climb dinosaur capture nets as well as suspended bridges. The Water cannon fight is guaranteed to entertain and get you soaked. The second of these areas is the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. Here the entertainment is fun and educational. They have towering skeletons/fossils including the king of the Dinosaurs, T. rex. The Discovery Center has interactive areas where you could even see a velociraptor hatching. There may even be an appearance from D.N.A from the movies!


Universal’s rides tend to be more for older children; however, they have incorporated areas for the little ones as well. These are great areas to take a slower pace or to in a couple of areas, a good area to cool down in. No matter what your child is into, there are Universal Studios Play areas for everyone. It is likely in the future that these areas will be expanded on and more themes will be added. Universal Studios has worked to create a park that is entertaining for the entire family.

What is your favorite area? Where would you like to check out? Let us know in the comments