Does Disney Own Netflix?

One of the most common questions that I’ve run across is, whether or not Disney owns Netflix? This is a straightforward question which has a simple answer of, no. Disney owns a lot of different companies. And it seems like Disney continues to buy up a lot of different properties, but Netflix is not one at this time. Disney is in fact actually working towards creating their own streaming service as a competitor of Netflix. This one will be under the name of Disney+. From what has been disclosed at this time, Disney+ will be a streaming service including Disney movies as well as TV shows and original programming.

What is known or expected

Some information has trickled out about Disney+ but there is still a lot that is unknown. For example, it has been announced that there will be a lot of new content. One of the most anticipated shows is a spin-off of Loki from Thor in the Marvel Universe. There are also others that they have yet to release a lot of details on, including a possible Rogue One TV show which will be a prequel series to Star Wars. It has been reported that a lot of the Disney cartoons will be available on Disney+. The launch of Disney+ is expected out during the 4th quarter of 2019. There is a lot of hype around it, and more are expected to be announced soon. No price has been released but expected to be cheaper than Netflix

The streaming service may be altered by the fact that Disney has purchased Fox, which will give them new avenues for content. Netflix’s library will be shrinking slightly due to Disney pulling all of its movies this year. It is unclear when the cut off date will be but will likely be spring/summer time frame. Disney will likely have an extensive library of animated as well as live action such as Christopher Robin. Netflix has been rolling out a lot of its own content recently which a lot of the shows are extremely popular and well done. Does Disney own Netflix? No, but they will be great competitors. We will have more information reported when it becomes available!

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