What is SwagIQ? Daily live quiz show

Ever wish that you could earn cash with your random trivia knowledge? Well look no further! SwagIQ is one way of earning extra money for your upcoming Disney trip. But what is SwagIQ? It is a live game show through their mobile app that is hosted by Swagbuck to win points known as SB several nights a week. Those SB or Swagbucks can later be redeemed for gift cards with anything from Amazon to Paypal. For more information on Swagbucks itself, click HERE. It is now known as Swagbucks LIVE or SB Live!

So How do you play?

There are 10 questions during each live games, starting with usually ridiculously easy questions and progressively getting harder. Some months they will do just easy questions and other times seem to be more difficult. You are under pressure with only 10 seconds to lock in your answer per question. Be careful though, you are only allowed only 1 guess, so if you accidentally click the wrong one, you can’t go back to change it.

Swagbucks question….. I was eliminated.

What is each SB worth?

At the time that I am writing this post, 1 SB is equal to $0.01. Which seems like a low amount; however, each game has bonus SB for certain questions. Meaning that even if you are eliminated, you can still collect some SB through the course of the game. If you are eliminated early on, and you don’t buy back in, you can continue to answer questions for bonus SB but not be eligible for the grand prize.

Thinks to remember

  • Important note, you need to stay until the end of the game to collect any and all SB that you have earned throughout the game. If you get questions correct in the beginning and exit after elimination – you will lose the SB.
  • If you are eliminated, you have the chance to rejoin which will cost SB to get back into the game. The cost will vary depending when you were eliminated. It can be a few cents up to almost a dollar towards the end of the game.
  • You have to stay to the end of the game to collect the bonus swag bucks if you are eliminated. If you make it to the end then it will automatically be added in
SwagIQ home screen

The prize can vary from day-to-day – usually around $1000 that all the winners split (Not a winner takes all type app). Swagbucks has also started a new program where, people who are eliminated can rejoin, the grand prize grows. The games take about 15 minutes to complete and is done live at 8PM EST Monday through Thursday, and an extra game on Monday at 7pm EST

  • There have been several flash games popping up from time to time – they have a smaller prize with no bonus SB, usually around 8:45PM EST – EDIT: this has stopped for the time being but may return in the future.

Swagbucks live

So is it worth it?

I have won the grand prize a couple of times and received, I think around $40 total. I have seen the prize payout up to a few hundred dollars as well. This is a nice way to earn some cash: if only collecting the extra SB, it can take some time but worth it. With just bonus SB alone, I’ve probably made at least $5-10 in the past 2 months or so. I will be completely honest, I usually have to guess the correct answer at least 50% of the time, but still worth it to me. It doesnt take any work and I enjoy the trivia questions. 

It is a simple way to make even a small amount of money in a few minutes. Pay out could be a few cents and up to several dollars per game. If you have space on your phone, I would say this is an easy way to make money for your next Disney trip!

2 other side notes

  • To my knowledge – You can not exchange SB for Disney gift cards. I usually get Amazon gift cards for things like memory cards or other things for our trips. Another option is to redeem for paypal gift cards which can be moved to your bank account later on.
  • You could get Apple or Google gift cards to rent movies and music.
  • It takes about 7 business days to get gift cards after redeeming SB – So plan accordingly.

If you’re interested in joining Swagbucks to play SB Live; check out this link HERE as both of us will get a free rejoin for a Swagbucks LIVE game! After you have signed up, make sure to pass out your referral code as well! If you choose to play, Good luck!

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