Disney Vendor delivery changes starting Oct 1st!

There has been a big change to the procedure at Disney World resorts when it comes to stroller and wheelchair drop-offs. In the past, when you rented a stroller or wheelchair from an outside vendor, you could have it dropped off at the luggage drop off area of the resort. The stroller would be there as soon as you got there from the airport. However, this has changed pretty drastically. On September 28th, it was announced that Disney vendor delivery will be changing. 

It was first announced by Kingdom Stroller rental that this change was coming. As of October 1st, if you rent after this date, then you will need to be present during the drop-off. For some, this can be difficult, especially if they are flying in at night. Disney will not be responsible for strollers or wheelchairs that are rented from outside companies. 

But what if you booked before Oct 1st?

One of the biggest concerns is for those that already have reservations in place prior to October 1st. This will be affecting those that book after this date. According to most sources, if the reservation is made before October 1st, then this will be grandfathered until completed or canceled. The policy change will be for both stroller and wheelchair rentals from outside vendors.

What about groceries?

One of the biggest concerns with this announcement was the ambiguity. There was a concern that this would include grocery delivery and Amazon deliveries. However, this does not appear to be the case. Garden Grocery, one of the biggest delivery services, reported that they had discussed with multiple Disney personnel and was assured that this would not impact them. At this point, it does not appear that grocery delivery will be impacted. 

But remember that there is a $6 dollar fee for grocery delivery that is handled by Disney Cast Members. 

Disney Vendor Delivery

This has upset a lot of people as this is a major change to the procedure to the Disney vendor delivery process. You will need to make sure that you are planning ahead of time. This could be a variety of reasons which has not been announced by Disney at this time.