Top 6 Options for Grocery Delivery at Disney

One of the biggest costs with any vacation, especially Disney, is the cost of food. We already know that there are plenty of options for restaurants at Disney World. And one way to reduce the cost is to get the dining plan. Let’s be honest, it is expensive to eat out and it can be a hassle to try to pack a lot of food. However, there are other options including getting grocery delivery at Disney World. Depending on where you are staying, will determine what you will get for groceries.

Almost every resort has a mini fridge, so that you will be able to keep a small amount of perishable. If you get an upgraded room, then you may get kitchenette with in-room microwave. If you don’t have a microwave in your room, there are microwaves at the food court at each resort. Either way, this can be a great way to save some money with your next Disney vacation. So which are the best options?

Garden Grocer

This is probably the most common delivery method to the Disney resort. They have a wide variety of groceries to choose from which are reasonably priced for the area. This can be a great option for snacks during your trip. You can find plenty of things that will please your family. As always, planning is key to saving money.Depending on your planning, you can save money with them as well. If you order 15 days ahead, you can save 5%. It gets better from there.

If you order 30 days, you can save 7% and 60 days in advance will save you 10%. They will deliver between 4pm-9pm to the Disney resorts.This is probably the most utilized service for grocery deliveries. There is a $14 delivery charge if your order is under $200 but there is no minimum order. This is probably the most popular option for grocery delivery at Disney resorts along with Amazon.


This is a slightly different way to save money on your groceries. The benefit with instacart is that deliveries can be a quick as within an hour. This works by having individuals do your shopping for you at your favorite stores. Instacart has partnered with several stores to provide in store cost. In those cases, there is a 10-20% fee on the goods. For stores that are not partnered, the fees can be anywhere from 15-40%. So planning is crucial to make sure what your buying ahead of time and whether it saves money. There is a minimum order amount of $10 and there could be a busy pricing fee depending on the shopping time.

Amazon prime

If you have Amazon Prime, this maybe the best bet overall. Since you have invested the money for Prime, you might as well utilize the perks. Prices on Amazon may be a little more due to the sizes of the products. You typically need to order more quantity but the unit price is usually about the same, if not a little cheaper. An example of this is with Goldfish crackers. Goldfish for a 30 individual pack on Amazon is listed for 0.34 cents unit price; on Walmart, it is 0.35 cents unit price. The savings can vary based on location and the typical cost in your area. However, it is a good way to save on groceries, especially snacks.

The bonus with using Amazon is that you are not limited to groceries in case you forgot other things such as sun tan lotion or chargers. Amazon Prime Now is also an option which provides quicker delivery. This includes free 2hr delivery on any order over $35 and $4.99 for orders below $35. If you need your order within 1hr, there is a $9.99 fee. There is no minimum order amount. This probably one of the quickest ways for grocery delivery at Disney

Dizzy Dolphin

This service allows you to customize your orders for grocery delivery. Dizzy Dolphin does require some pre-planning for your orders as it requires payment no less than 7 days prior to any delivery. Once you have submitted your shopping list, you will get an invoice with the inputted prices. The grocery order will then be delivered to your resort at the bell service area. The fees are not too bad comparatively speaking. There is a $14 delivery charge on any order under $250, the fee is waived if over $250. One thing to note is that there is a $50 minimum purchase required.


WeGoShop is a similar type of way of getting a delivery service. For them, you can order groceries from a variety of stores including Walmart and Whole Foods. The cost will vary based on your order. With WeGoShop, there is no minimum order amount. You can order from multiple stores for an extra $5 per store and a $3 fuel charge. The shopping fees vary based on the amount spent on groceries. You can also choose a 30 minute delivery window to make sure that you are available.

Walmart Grocery

This is a new service provided by the shopping super center. For this you will need to sign up for an account in order to place the order. You will get the same low prices on items that you would get while shopping in-store. The cost for delivery is reasonably priced at around $12 per order. This option will likely need you to order early to make sure that you can secure a delivery time. Prices may vary depending on when the groceries will be delivered but average is around $12. There is a $30 dollar minimum purchase for delivery as well.


No matter the delivery option, one thing to note at this time is the cost for handling at the Disney resorts. It was announced at the beginning of April, that there will be a $6 surcharge by the Disney resorts for handling of packages and food deliveries. There is no minimums or other fees from the resorts associated with deliveries at this time. This could change in the future. So plan accordingly when ordering. There are other options for deliveries but these are the most commonly used companies. Another thing to note is that Garden Grocer, Walmart Grocery, Dizzy Dolphin, WeGoShop and Instacart can deliver alcohol, but the others can not. Overall there are a lot of options for grocery delivery at Disney World

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