Disney 2020 room discounts

Disney 2020 room discounts from Jan-April!

If you are planning on going to Disney World at the beginning of 2020 and are looking for potential savings, look no further. Disney last week released its resort deals from January to April.  Step right up and see how much the Disney 2020 room discounts will save you!

So first up!

If you are waiting for room discounts then you are in luck! Disney has released their usual room discounts but with a twist. What does this mean? I’m glad you asked

Value resorts will get up to 15% off of the room cost and Deluxe will get up to 20% off discount. Deluxe resorts and the Deluxe Villa will get up to 25% off of the room. For this, you must book before January 1st, 2020 and arrive between January 1st and April 25th, 2020. What makes this a little different than in the past, is the potential for gift cards. 

If you upgrade your room-only reservation to include park tickets, then you may be eligible for a $30 gift card per person. This has been reported by several websites. There are a couple of catches here. *First, the upgrade package must include at least a 6-day theme park ticket (for everyone in your party). *Secondly, the room has to be upgraded to a room + ticket package to be eligible for the gift cards. Overall, a pretty good deal! It does not sound like you would be eligible if you get the room and tickets with the initial purchase. You would likely be better off to book the room and call to upgrade your room to include tickets later on. 

The second discount to take note of!

If you book a Magic Your Way package then your child(ren) could dine for free. Disney is including FREE dining plans for all children that are ages 3-9. The Magic Your Way package includes the resort, park tickets, and the Disney Dining plan. At the current price point, this could save you about $28 dollars per child per day for food for the standard Disney Dining plan. 

On top of this, Disney has also added a little extra to include a Frozen Welcome Pack

This includes:

  • Voucher for one in-park 5×7 photo per room
  • Voucher for 1 stroller rental for the length of you stay (in-park rental only)
  • 1 merchandise bag per room including a book, a plush toy and 2 treats

To be eligible for this, you must be arriving between January 1st and March 7th on most nights. And have to book before January 1st, 2020 to get this offer and will need to be a 3-day, 3-night stay. 

Annual Passholder Room discounts

For annual passholders, the discount is a little more. For most nights between January 1st and April 25th, 2020, discounts can range from 25% and 35%. For value resorts, you could save 25% and up to 30% on Moderate resorts. Deluxe Resorts and Deluxe Villa resorts can save up to 35%!

Overall pretty good savings across the board with the Disney 2020 room discounts! Are you going to be going during this time? Let us know in the comments what you think?

Disney 2020 room discounts

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