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I am the type of person who likes to be listening to something while driving or doing yard work and is usually music. However, I sometimes get on a podcast kick. If you don’t know what a podcast is, A podcast is an audio series that is broken up into episodes. It can be read like a story or can be a host talking to a guest such as an audio talk show. Think of listening to a TV show rather than watching. While I was looking to see what I could find for an app for podcasts, I stumbled upon PodCoin app. 

*** Update*** Podcoin announced on their Twitter page that they are shutting down. Hopefully, they will come back in the future but this is likely permanent. At this point, you are not able to download the Podcoin app.

What Is Podcoin?

Podcoin app is a free app that allows you to make money by listening to podcasts. It is a simple premise to make money while going about your daily life. You basically get rewarded for listening to shows. The amounts will vary a little bit but still add up over time. It is a great app to add to your arsenal to make money from home. The app interface is very user-friendly and extremely easy to navigate. 

How does it work?

After you download the Podcoin app and create an account you are ready to make money. You can choose from thousands of podcasts on a variety of subjects. You can leave the app running in the background if you need to use your phone for something else. The app doesn’t have to be open to earn money just need to be listening. You can tell as the app will have an icon at the top bar of your phone when playing. They have a wide variety of typical podcasts for learning or talk show type purposes such as Dave Ramsey or The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to Audiodramas such as The Black Tapes. They even have a bunch of Disney style podcasts! If you don’t know what to listen to, they have a Top episode and Top show tab to view what’s popular at any given moment. 

How much can you make?

It is important to remember that this is not a get rich quick scheme. This is a way of making a little cash while doing something you normally would do. If you want to make money while listening to podcasts then it is worth the download. They have cash out options in the form of gift cards and have quite a variety of options. The amount you make is up to you. If you have a set podcast that you listen to, then you can make 1 point per 10 minutes of listening (not a lot). If you listen to more than 3 days in a row then, you can make up to 2 points per 10 minutes of listening (still not a lot). Remember that there can be a little delay in getting your points but I haven’t had any issues getting your points. There is currently the limit of 6 hours per day in an effort to stop mining, which I think is fair. 

You have the option to make a little extra than this if you check out one of the bonus podcasts. These are found under the bonus banner on the home screen of the app. The bonus podcasts will increase the bonus by .5 extra per 10minutes of listening. There are a couple of other ways of making extra money by either by sharing the podcast that you’re listening to your friends. With this method, you can earn 5points per day by sharing 1 episode with your friends. The other method is through a referral link to get others to sign up. At this time, this method is limited to a referral bonus max of 150 points and limit of 4 friends. 

You can also use the points to donate to a charity which I think is a great addition. They have a list of charities that you can cash in your points on to send money. Again, it is not a lot, but it is something. 

What can you get?

The cash out is in the form of gift cards as this is the easiest way of getting the currency to the user. The payouts are high compared to the amount made by listening which is most people’s biggest gripe with the app. There are minimum advertisements that I have heard so I’m not surprised that the amount is that low. For the smallest amount, you can get an Amazon $2 gift card for 1,200 points. The most expensive gift cards are $50 Amazon gift card for 20,000 points, so quite a bit of listening. 

Are there any issues?

Through all the reviews that I have read, the biggest issue that I have seen is that it takes so long to get a gift card. Like I stated above, this is not a get rich quick scheme but instead a way of making money on something you would normally do. It is slow progress but almost a start it and forget it type of action. I have run into a little stuttering of the app from time to time usually when it switches to data. At those times, I have tried getting pandora open without any issues, but the app seems a little slow to start the podcasts. If I usually restart the app completely, then it resolves the issue.


This is an app that I have been using only a short time. In that time, I have made about 500 points in about 2 weeks while listening to podcasts sporadically. I’ve made a majority of the few points by listening in my truck on the way to work. If you listen to podcasts or want to start this is a great app to make a little extra cash on the sides. Is this Podcoin app a scam? I would say no based on what I have experienced and the reviews that I have seen. It seems to be a safe money-making option.

Is this something you are going to try? Let us know in the comments below

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    1. I was having a lot of spotty issues all of a sudden yesterday afternoon which hadn’t happened before. I’ll check in to that and get back to you!

    2. So it appears as though Podcoin is shutting down for the time being. They announced it on their Twitter page but never recieved any email from them directly. It is unclear if they will come back in the future. I have updated the article

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