Brewing your own beer at home to save money

This money saving tip is for those that are 21+ years of age. If you drink alcohol on a regular or semi-regular basis, the cost can add up quite a bit. An easy way to save money here is to brew your own. The initial cost can be a little expensive depending on the size of a kit and how much you are planning on brewing. However, you will end up saving money in the long run. The savings can vary depending on how much you typically spend per week on alcohol and how much you are brewing.

How does this save money?

But stated above the amount that you can save will fairy on multiple factors. First one is how much you usually spend on alcohol. The next is how much you plan on Brewing. The initial cost for a startup can be as simple as $30 or can be as expensive as $100-$200.  I usually recommend starting small anise this is not for everyone. once you have figured out the initial cost, the kits can be cheap. Or you can try getting the ingredients separately to save even more money, but with a bigger hassle. For a simple kit, it can be as cheap as $25 with shipping.  this will usually brew around 50 bottles of beer. so far this comes out to about $0.50 per bottle/beer.

For a normal six pack of beer, the average cost it’s around $1.33 per beer. As you can see this can save you quite a bit depending on how much you typically spend. Some kits will be more expensive and sometimes you may be able to find the kits on sale.

What do I need?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to start brewing. There are specialized kits out there that you can buy that make it easy to start. This includes sets like Mr. Beer.  I have found that there are cheaper options as well, as simple as going to a brewing shop to buy a fermenter and spigot. I’ve been able to find these in the past for a total of $5. The only other big thing that is needed is a gallon or several gallon pots to boil water in and create the wort(part of the brewing process). You do not need much in order to get started. From there, all you need to do is buy the kits and start brewing. It doesn’t take much to save money while brewing your own beer. You can make more expensive beers but the cost is up to you.

What beer would you like to brew? Let us know in the comments below