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Disney has made do with a lot of changes to get by over the past few years, especially with entertainment. This includes both in and out of the parks. For the parks, mainly Magic Kingdom, parades had been removed. But in their place was replaced with cavalcades. Now as things start to return to normal, […]
Just when you thought that Disney was done with all of the 50th Celebration announcements, they release even more! Disney has bought out the new shows with Harmonious and Disney Enchantment, they decide to bring out more. There will be new 50th celebration changes coming to Disney World Spring 2022. This will include several changes […]
One of the biggest bummers at the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 was that there were no New Years’ Eve fireworks. And it did take a while for Walt Disney World to start incorporating fireworks back into the regular routine. And one of the biggest announcements was that fireworks were back for […]
One of the biggest aspects of any Disney vacation in the past was the meet and greets with the characters. However, when the parks shut down due to the pandemic these were the last to start coming back. At first, we started to see characters from a distance such as Mickey and friends at the […]
Magic Kingdom has been getting a lot of attention lately to celebrate the Disney World 50th Anniversary celebration. This kicks off on October 1st, 2021, and will run for several months. Part of this includes new food/treats but also means a new nighttime spectacular at the Magic Kingdom. Disney Enchantment will be repacing the fan-favorite […]
Splash mountain closing
It was over a year ago that we first found out that a Splash Mountain retheme would be coming to Disney World. This has caused a bit of a split among fans but overall most were excited about the upcoming change. Splash Mountain will be changing change course only slightly and going to the bayou […]
Previously we had found out the changes to the Christmas party at Magic Kingdom later this year. Now we are pleased to get more information rolled out and what to expect. Part of the information released was the dates and prices to expect. This may prevent some level of heart failure as you click the […]
We’ve known for some time that Disney’s Magical Express was going to be coming to an end at the start of 2022. Now we know what it will be replaced with. This will be a new service to be offered by Mears directly that will pick up guests at the Orlando International Airport and bring […]
One of the best shows at Disney World has to be Happily Ever After. For the longest time, it was stopped due to the restrictions for the pandemic. Now that things have started to improve and things have opened up, it has started back up recently. However, this appears to be short-lived. The rumors seem […]
We are halfway through the year and Disney is already starting to look towards the Christmas season. Earlier we released an article on the Disney Very Merriest After Hours event. Disney has also released what to expect around the other parks as well. As always, it is something to look forward to. Let’s take a […]