Festival of Fantasy Parade Returns

Disney has made do with a lot of changes to get by over the past few years, especially with entertainment. This includes both in and out of the parks. For the parks, mainly Magic Kingdom, parades had been removed. But in their place was replaced with cavalcades. Now as things start to return to normal, we are seeing a lot more come back. One of the biggest changes is that the Festival of Fantasy Parade returns.

When does the parade return?

Actually, the parade returned several days ago on March 9th! Now you can catch this twice a day at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. However, this has also replaced several of the cavalcades. These include Tinkerbell float and the Princess cavalcade. Nevertheless, the 50th Celebration cavalcade and Disney Adventure Friends Cavalcade will continue! It should be noted that the Adventure Friends cavalcade is the newest addition to the parks. Festival of Fantasy debuted several years ago but put on hold over for the past 2 years. These appear to be alternating with the Festival of Fantasy Parade currently.

Changes have been made to the parade?

There have been several big changes that guests have noticed as the Festival of Fantasy returns. The number of performers in the parade has been cut significantly, a rough estimate would be between ⅓-½ from the original debut. Music-wise there have been 2 changes which include When I See an Elephant Fly and Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

Guests had noticed that during the Princess float the princes were nowhere to be seen. It is unclear if this is due to social distancing or budget cuts. Currently, there is only one Princess per section. Cinderella is without Prince Charming and Elsa is without Anna. But the biggest noticeable change was the exclusion of the Merida/Brave float from the parade. This was a major change to the flow of the parade. Otherwise, many of the floats are similar or the same as before it was put on hold.

What do you think as Festival of Fantasy Parade returns? Are you excited to see this again? Let us know in the comments below!

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