Disney Cast Member Compliment In Mobile App!

Disney cast members continue to be the heart of the enchantment. Cast members often go above and beyond to offer amazing experiences for millions of guests. Even more so with visits during Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary celebration. In fact, over the years, our cast members have received countless compliments from guests via letters, emails, and the thousands of #CastCompliment posts we see on social media. But now, the popular Disney cast member compliment feature in the My Disney Experience mobile app is the newest way for guests to compliment the cast.

Is it easy to use?

As part of new additions to Mobile Cast Complement, you may now compliment individual cast members. This can be done using their first name and hometown. Thereby making it simpler than ever to distinguish the individuals that produce magic for you throughout your visit.

Guests could commend a group of cast members in certain areas when Disney originally debuted the Mobile Cast Compliment function in the app last year. However, you can now send individual cast member acknowledgments. Moreover, the new system is fairly straightforward. Start by selecting a “positive sentiment” from a drop-down option. Then guests can input the cast member’s first name, hometown, and date of interaction. Make sure you spell the cast member’s first name and hometown accurately. This way they, as well as their leader, are notified and may receive their customized appreciation! And if you didn’t catch a name, that’s fine; you may still express your gratitude for the location or region where your magic took place!

How to provide a cast member compliment?

Search “Cast Compliment” in the My Disney Experience smartphone app to get Mobile Cast Compliment (you can also conveniently find it in a few other parts of the app, too).

This is a great new feature added to My Disney Experience! With all that everyone has been through in the past couple of years, especially cast members, this will likely mean a lot. Are you likely to use the Disney Cast Member Compliment? Let us know in the comments below!

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