Splash Mountain Retheme Coming to The Disney Parks

Splash mountain closing

It was over a year ago that we first found out that a Splash Mountain retheme would be coming to Disney World. This has caused a bit of a split among fans but overall most were excited about the upcoming change. Splash Mountain will be changing change course only slightly and going to the bayou with a Princess and the Frog theme. Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen will be leading the journey on the new adventure. Even though this started a year ago, Disney has now released some of the details surrounding what to expect with the new ride overlay. 

Splash Mountain Retheme

When will the retheme take place for Splash Mountain?

This is currently unknown. Disney has not released any information about when the retheming will start but it will likely be a slow process. The construction staging work has started to go up around the outside from recent reports. It is also unclear if the ride will be taken down for refurbishment or if it will continue to operate normally for a while. 

What will we see in the retheme?

From what we have heard, this will be set after Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen are wedded. It will include a new expedition through the bayou, including a Mardi Gras Celebration for all to enjoy.  As part of this, we will see a change in music as guests are carried downriver. The animatronics will be updated with the cast of Princess and the frog and will be set in Louisiana. But keep your eyes open for new characters and friends along the ride.

These changes will occur both for Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom as well as at Disneyland. With the amount of work that is put into these theming changes, it will take time. It could take a while for guests to notice a big change. That being said, trellises have gone up at Magic Kingdom.

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