Disney World Annual Pass 2021

Disneyland had announced their annual pass holder program, Magic Key, several weeks ago. But it left Disney world fans up in the air for that period of time. It was known that there would be a change in the current program, but not known to what extent. The big announcement of annual passes has finally come out prior to the 50th celebration. Although there will be similarities, this will be a new take on the AP system. As in the past, the system will be broken down into tiers for what an individual needs/wants with their Disney World Annual Pass 2021. 

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What are the tiers?

Pixie Dust Pass

This pass is limited to Florida residents who want to visit the Disney Parks. This pass will cost you $399 per year. If you get this pass, you can get up to 3 park reservations at a time. This is subject to blackout dates. You can get bonus reservations from time to time but it is unclear how often this will be. 

Pirate Pass

If you want to secure more days and are a Florida resident, you could upgrade to the Pirate Pass. This will allow up to 4 park reservations at the same time. You may get more reservation days while you are staying at a Disney Resort. You may also get bonus reservations as well. This pass will run you $699. This will also be subject to blackout dates as well. 

Sorcerer Pass

This pass will expand from Florida residents to DVC members as well. This will cost $899 per year per person. With this, you can reserve up to 5 reservations at a time. As with the other passes, you may be able to get bonus reservations in the future. This will have a set number of blackout dates but not as many as the prior passes. 


This is the pass that is available for everyone. It will allow guests to make 5 days of park reservations at a time. If you are staying at a Disney resort, then you will be able to make reservations. There will also be the opportunity for bonus reservations that will be announced in the future. It is important to note with this pass that there will be no blackout dates. 

What perks do they all come with?

One perk that is coming to the new Annual Passes, that had disappeared from normal resort reservations, is theme park parking. This will be free for all tiers of the new annual pass system. Much like the old system, you can also save up to 20% on merchandise, dining, and experiences. However, most of the discounts currently listed are around 10%. On top of the reservations per pass tier, there will be access to bonus reservations. This may include if you are staying at a Disney World Resort and needing to add days. There is also reported to be surprises around the 50th Anniversary but not fully disclosed at this time

If you have an Annual Pass now, what happens?

If you have a pass that is going to expire within 60 days, then you can renew your AP at the current rate and program such as the Platinium pass. You will have up to Sept 7th to renew your AP at the current rate. However, if you wait until after Sept 8th, then you will have to pick one of the new AP programs.

What is missing out of the new passes?

There are 2 big changes with the New AP system compared to the past system. The first being that photo passes are not included in the packages as they are. You will have to add this on for $99 per year. If there are multiple people in your group or family, only one of you needs to get it as long as you are together during the stay. The other is that Blizzard Beach and Typhoon lagoon are not part of any of the new passes. They can be added on for $99 per year per person. This will be for either Water parks as well as ESPN sports complex. 

Would you get any of these options for the Disney World Annual Pass 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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