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If you have been to Disney World or any of the Disney parks, you have heard of the Magic Bands. However, they have not been updated since the original release. However, now we have the new Disney Magic Band Plus coming! On top of the standard features, it has interactive capabilities in honor of the […]
DIsney Worlds Updated Mask policy
Goof, where’s my car? Typically there are 2 ways to get to Disney world: taking paid transportation (uber, bus, etc) or driving oneself. However, if you are driving yourself, finding your car after a long day in the park can sometimes be challenging. Disney has you covered now. How many of us may recall a […]
If you saw our prior article about Genie+, this is a follow-up to it that will delve into what the Disney Lightning lane actually is. First and foremost, this is part of the new system designed to replace the Fastpass system of ole. The Fastpass system had been stopped when the parks closed in early […]
Splash mountain closing
It was over a year ago that we first found out that a Splash Mountain retheme would be coming to Disney World. This has caused a bit of a split among fans but overall most were excited about the upcoming change. Splash Mountain will be changing change course only slightly and going to the bayou […]
One of the best parts, and most chaotic at times, parts of planning a Disney trip in the past were Fastpasses. These would provide guest passes to selected ride attractions during designated times that could be booked 60 days ahead of schedule. However, this was closed down at the start of the pandemic and has […]
The biggest sources of traffic ad Disneyland has always been the local Disney fans. But one thing that kept that going is the annual passes. However, when the park reopened after being closed for the pandemic, annual passes did not return. But there is big news that comes with that. They have announced a new […]
Feels like it been a little while since DisneyDisney’s Jungle Cruise To Be Released Later This Year! has done a live stream of any kind. However, Disneyland will be hosting the next live stream event coming early next month. This will be in honor of the new Avengers Campus that will soon be opening at […]
Disney plus day one
At the beginning of last week, we had the 2021 Annual Shareholders meeting which came with a bunch of announcements. It is not uncommon for bigger announcements to come out during the shareholder event as it is a way of keeping the shareholders up to date. Let’s check out the Disney 2021 Shareholder Meeting announcements. […]
As many businesses struggle, we are starting to see the ramification of the pandemic. Disney is no exception to this. We are seeing the people that make the magic in the parks affected by this. There have been many layoffs or furloughs within the past 6-8 months but this continues to worsen. It had been […]
Today is the day that a lot of people have been looking forward to, the day where you can enter to become part of this year’s Disney Mom Panel! Applications can be submitted from Thursday September 5th, 2019 starting at noon and will be going until Thursday September 12th, 2019 at noon. Hence this is […]