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If you’ve thought that you have a creative eye or that your pictures are on point, then Foap may be an option to test that and try to make money on the side. I’ve seen a lot of people ask what is Foap app? Foap is an app that is available for both Android and […]
I’ve been asked many times, if the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party worth the cost. It comes down to personal choice but I would say yes, in a heartbeat. It is expensive at about $70 per person but if you can manage to round-up the extra cash, I’d recommend going once.  This time of […]
I’m not going to lie, I’m extremely jealous of those that are able to get to the grand opening of Toy Story Land tomorrow 6/30! This is going to be an amazing expansion to Hollywood studios with 2 big new attractions. The first being Slinky Dog Dash which is a family style coaster that appears […]
Welcome all to the start of Saving For The Kingdom! This is the “groundbreaking” post to start the official launch of Saving for the Kingdoms! I thought a deserving date to kick this blog off was on 6/26 after my favorite little genetically engineered, alien life form… I mean who doesn’t love Experiment 626! The […]