Money Saving tip of the week – Scan Wal-mart reciept

If you’re like me, you are always trying to get the best deal with any purchases; including groceries. We tend to do a lot of our shopping at several different stores, one being Wal-Mart. But did you know that you can possibly save more money when you get home from the store? This is done with the Wal-Mart savings catcher. If you have the Wal-Mart app on your phone, you may have noticed a button called Savings Catcher under the menu. This nifty feature will allow you to scan the code at the bottom of your receipt and will upload to their server to be checked against competitor’s prices. It usually takes about 72 hours to get the results back and loaded to your account.

If they find a better deal, they will give you the difference that you can redeem later on. I know what your thinking, their prices will always win because their the ones that are processing the deals. However, I have gotten quite a bit of money back. I have had family members do it as well and have gotten back over $50 at this point. You wont get major money right off but it does help put some money back in your wallet. Right now, I’m up to $5 over the course of 3-4 weeks.

How much can you save?

Some weeks you will not find any savings and others you may get a couple bucks back. It all depends on what you are buying. There is no specific items to buy any given week, so a little luck of the draw. But like I said, it adds up over time. When you are ready to cash out or redeem the money, it is already loaded onto a Wal-Mart eGift card. This can be used in-store or online on your next purchase. You can find this in the app, under payment methods and gift cards.There is a max that you can earn, in my experience would be difficult to hit anyways, which is $599.99.

One thing that can be annoying at times is that it can take a couple of times to scan to get it to take. You do have the option to manually enter the information as well. It is worth it to use the Wal-Mart savings catcher to earn some money back!

Hopes this helps get saving!


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