New sponsor coming to Disney World

If you have ever found yourself trying to figure out a way of keeping your stuff dry on Splash Mountain, the new sponsor will be able to help. There are several Disney sites reporting that now Ziploc sponsors Splash Mountain. Ziploc, is the maker of resealable baggies and is owned by S.C. Johnson and Sons, will now be the sponsor starting in August.
It is also being reported by Chip and CO, link Here, that guests will also be given Ziploc bags at the start of the ride to help keep guests stuff dry while on the ride. If you’ve ever been on Splash Mountain, you know you get pretty soaked. The current item holder on the ride is a mesh pocket connected to the seats; so this will be an upgrade.

This comes after the announcement that Ziploc will also be the new sponsor of Kidcot Fun Stops in Epcot, which started in July. If you haven’t heard of Chip and CO, you need to explore their site for great Disney news and information.

My impression

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing for the ride to have sponsorship. My only concern would be possible name change. But in this case, it would likely be along the lines of Splash Mountain sponsored by Ziploc or something to that effect. I assume it would likely be similar to the naming of Illuminations firework in the past. With the new sponsorship, there may be new sign at the entrance; besides that I don’t think there should be any changes to the ride.

One thing that I find interesting is that they are partnering at the same time when Disney is pushing for more conservation. They are doing this by trying to eliminate waste. The only thing I would think is that the ziploc bags with be reusable rather than single use per guest.
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