Top Fastpasses for Adults

You are in the midst of planning an upcoming Disney vacation and you are starting to reach that 30 or 60-day mark. The big day is almost there, Fastpass day! This can be both an exciting and slightly nervewracking day. This is the day when you get to pick your Fastpasses for the days that you are in Disney. But a lot of people question what are the top Fastpasses for Adults? This always depends on the individual but we will break down the big ones. 

With many of these, it is pretty straightforward and maybe a little bit common sense but still is worth noting. The other thing to note with this article is that this will cover just our first Fastpass recommendation. If you have specific questions about other choices, you can leave a comment below or on our Facebook page and we will help you out.

Animal kingdom

Within the past few years, when you think of Animal Kingdom, you think of Pandora. This is where the first Fastpass should be. If you are okay with simulator type rides, then I can not recommend Flight of Passage enough! This is probably my favorite ride at Disney World at this point. If you are unable to do simulator rides, then I would recommend River Journey as this is the second Pandora ride and the only other ride in Tier 1. This is a much more relaxing ride and worth checking out. 


Epcot has a few rides within its Fastpass tiers, so this one is a little more tricky than Animal Kingdom was. This one is based solely on the typical wait time. The first choice that I would recommend would be Frozen Ever After. This is a good ride for the entire family that brings you through Arendelle. If you are not a Frozen fanatic, then Soarin is a good secondary option. This is a spin on a simulator ride as you are belted in and raised in front of a large screen, however, no special glasses are needed. The other rides you may be able to get done early morning if you rope drop. 

Hollywood Studios

There have been big changes within the past few months and the tiers have drastically changed. Now the tier 1 rides have come down to Star Wars and Toy Story. Tier 1 includes Smugglers Run, Toy Story Mania, Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway, and Slinky Dog Run. This will likely change soon as well with the opening of Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway. Of these, I would suggest getting the Fastpass for Slinky Dog Dash. I know, I know but hear me out. 

Smugglers Run has a single rider option which can save a lot of time if you do not care about riding with other people in your party. During a recent trip, I was able to ride Smugglers Run within 15 minutes by doing the single rider. When Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway opens or when Rise of the Resistance gets Fastpasses this will likely change. You can get Fastpasses for Runaway Railway as a tier 1 but until its open, we won’t know how this will impact crowds and wait times. But at this point, That is what I would recommend. Toy Story Mania can get up there with wait times but if you rope drop this ride, you are unlikely to wait a crazy amount of time. 

Magic Kingdom

This is likely the most difficult park to plan Fastpasses for due to the sheer number of options. For the sake of the article, we will go with the highest wait time rides as the main options. This is typically 1 of 2 rides, with both being a type of roller coaster. The first choice should be 7 Dwarves Mine Train as this is a great roller coaster that is tame enough that it can be a good option for the entire family. But for Magic Kingdom, that one is typically one of the top Fastpasses for adults. The second is Space Mountain, this one is classic Magic Kingdom and attracts a lot of traffic. However, not everyone is thrilled with Space Mountain. In those cases, I recommend Big Thunder Mountain it is a fun, fast outdoor coaster. 

Hopefully, you found this article helpful for picking out your main Fastpass. These tend to be the top Fastpasses for adults. If you are going with children, then the Fastpass selection changes and can change quite a bit. As stated above, leave us a comment below or on Facebook about questions regarding Fastpasses and we would be happy to answer. In the future, we may put together a full Fastpass guide for each of the Disney World parks. 

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