Disney adds the Disney Dining Plan Plus option!

Disney Dining Plan Plus

The Disney Dining Plan has been about the same for the past few years, with the exception of the price which has slowly ticked up over the years. However, It has been unveiled that they are releasing a new dining plan option. It is confirmed that it will be called the Disney Dining Plan Plus. What sets the Disney Dining Plan Plus apart is that there is a customizable option compared to the rest of the plans. 

So what’s included with this plan?

With the Disney Dining Plan Plus you get 2 meals per day, you can use this for either table service or quick service options for each night of your stay. Along with this, you get 2 snack credits that can also be used for non-alcoholic drinks. And finally, you get a refillable mug that can be used at the food court at your resort. You can use this for character dining as well, which would be better for character dining that requires 1 credit rather than 2. As with the other plans, you can get an alcoholic beverage with both meals per day.

Disney Dining Plan Plus

How it’s different

There is only 1 real difference between the Disney Dining Plan Plus and the standard Disney Dining Plan. That is the option to use the meals for either quick or table service. This is compared to the standard plan which provides 1 quick service and 1 table service. Neither of them can be exchanged for the other. A lot of the difference comes down to your type of planning for your trip. 

This seems like it could be a good option depending on what your goals are during your trip. If you can score free dining at some point, it would be a great option to upgrade to. If you are doing a lot of table services but don’t want to every time or twice a day, then this is a good middle ground. 

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