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Booking a Disney vacation can be confusing at times with lots of aspects to plan out ahead of time. But things may have just gotten a little more complicated… and pricier. Disney had rolled out the new Genie Plus in the past year or so as their way of bringing back fastpasses, sort of. Upon […]
One of the best parts, and most chaotic at times, parts of planning a Disney trip in the past were Fastpasses. These would provide guest passes to selected ride attractions during designated times that could be booked 60 days ahead of schedule. However, this was closed down at the start of the pandemic and has […]
You are in the midst of planning an upcoming Disney vacation and you are starting to reach that 30 or 60-day mark. The big day is almost there, Fastpass day! This can be both an exciting and slightly nervewracking day. This is the day when you get to pick your Fastpasses for the days that […]
Huge news dropped this morning for Fastpasses at Hollywood Studios! This was found by vigilant eyes rather than an announcement by Disney but there has been a change to the tier system. First of which is that Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Fastpass is now available. This is one of the newest attractions at Disney World […]
Have you ever wondered how some people seem to get so much done in one day at a Disney park? You may have heard the term fastpass or Fastpass+ pop up. And if you have followed though, you may have noticed that I make several reference to fastpasses, but still may be wondering what is […]