Genie Plus Price Increase Has Started!

Booking a Disney vacation can be confusing at times with lots of aspects to plan out ahead of time. But things may have just gotten a little more complicated… and pricier. Disney had rolled out the new Genie Plus in the past year or so as their way of bringing back fastpasses, sort of. Upon debut, it had been set at a fixed rate per person per day. However, this has changed in the past week. Let’s find out what Genie Plus is and how the Genie Plus price increase will change things. 

What is Genie Plus?

So before we get into the prices, you should know what Genie Plus actually is. Firstly, it is a way of booking rides in advance so that you won’t need to stand in line for as long for those attractions. Sometimes lines can get backed up but it can still save some time. You can book one attraction at a time. Moreover, if you book an attraction more than 2hrs out, you will be able to make another reservation after the 2hrs have passed. So if you book a 1 pm reservation for Slinky Dog, then at 11 am you can make a second reservation. Depending on the time, you may have overlapping reservation times. 

Photo Courtesy of DIsney

So what changes will affect Genie Plus price?

When it initially rolled out, it was a fixed price of $15 per day per person. However, now the system has gotten even more convoluted. Now Disney has moved the system to a fluctuating price depending on the day. This may be $15 or it could be $22 per person per day. So if you go to Disney during a peak time, such as Spring break, then expect that it will be $22. However, it can make it difficult to plan on budgeting at times if you book them the day of. In these cases, I would plan on paying the higher amount and any savings will be a bonus. This is where having a travel agent can help to navigate areas of the trip that are not always well known.

What do you think of the Genie Plus price increase? Let us know in the comments below!

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