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Ride maintenance can be difficult due to the wear and tear; so often times, Disney will set aside time where they can work on a particular ride. In 2024, several rides and attractions at Walt Disney World will undergo refurbishments or be temporarily closed. Some have already reopened and some do not have definitive dates. […]
If you’re considering a vacation to Walt Disney World in 2023, You should be aware of potential closures. And lucky enough, we have you covered! Here is all the current Disney World Refurbishment 2023 schedule that you should be aware of! Moreover, these dates are only estimates, and Walt Disney World has the right to […]
We finally have a definitive date for when Splash mountain will be closing. Previously there was a rumor that Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World would be closing in January 2023. The reason behind this is to start the conversion into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Over the past couple of years, Disney has made several announcements […]
When planning a Disney vacation, it is important to remember to check on what rides will be open. It is not uncommon for rides to shut down sporadically but some will be down for repairs. Here is a list of Disney World refurbishment schedule 2021 and when they are set to open. These can be […]
 There’s been a lot of uncertainty with the travel industry within the past few months, but it looks like Disney is partially taking advantage of this.  Disney has staggered their phased reopening with their hotels, pushing some even further back. Part of this was likely due to lowering overall capacity and being able to slightly […]
Disney World refurbishments 2020
When planning any vacation, Disney included, you want to make sure you have the most accurate information. One thing that comes up several times a year is refurbishments of rides  This will change from year to year and there will be announcements before this takes place. We have some of the Disney World refurbishments 2020 […]