Polynesian Village Resort Refurbishment to Delay Reopening

 There’s been a lot of uncertainty with the travel industry within the past few months, but it looks like Disney is partially taking advantage of this.  Disney has staggered their phased reopening with their hotels, pushing some even further back. Part of this was likely due to lowering overall capacity and being able to slightly lower overall costs.  Now we are seeing that Disney is taking advantage of the extra time to complete other tasks.  It was released that the Polynesian Village Resort refurbishment will now be starting at Disney world. This will further delay the reopening of the resort. We will dive into how long it will take!

When was the Polynesian Resort supposed to open?

Initially, the Polynesian Village Resort was supposed to reopen back on August 12th. It was later released that it wouldn’t be opening until October 4th. However, with the announcement of the resort update, the delayed reopening will not be until the summer of 2021. Part of what is known is somewhat limited. But it will include changes to the Grand Ceremonial House as well as to guest rooms. This should give Disney plenty of time to get the rooms updated.

What is the Polynesian Resort refurbishment?

 There is a positive with the update coming to the Polynesian village resort as the slight change in the theme will likely be a crowd favorite!  Since the announcement of the refurbishment, they’ve also announced the new theming that would also be coming to the resort, which isn’t that much of a change. The Polynesian resort will now take on a Moana theme.  Disney has started to utilize a lot of their IPs around the parks, so this should not come as much of a surprise that an IP was coming.  

Moana has become a very popular Disney film and will fit right in with the South Pacific setting. We do not know the full extent of the update but according to the Orlando Sentinel, it could include color changes, textures, and patterns to better align with Moana. It should be a welcomed addition to the already popular resort.

Are you excited to see the Polynesian Village Resort Refurbishment? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!