Master The 30 Day Rule

The Samsung Galaxy S20 line has been recently released along with the rumors of the newest Iphone 12 that will be rolling out later this year, which many people will flock to buy them because they are new and exciting. Many of those people will also be the ones that then wonder where their money went. I’m not knocking the phones, the S20 line is an impressive group and the Iphone will be as well. However, my issue is with the idea of needing to run out to get the newest and greatest, as this is detrimental to a budget. This is especially true if your cellphone still works. In cases like this, I recommend taking time to think about whether or not you need to make a purchase, especially expensive impulse purchases.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally posted/published in early 2018 and has been updated/revamped for accuracy and comprehension.

30 day rule

What is the 30 Day rule?

I recommend the 30 day rule to determine if you need something before you purchase it. The 30 day rule is where are you write down the purchase you want to make and put the note somewhere where you will see it everyday. you can put the price of the item and the store that you saw it on the note as well. Leave the note either on the refrigerator, mirror, nightstand. This provides ample time to think about and determine whether or not the purchase will enrich your life in a positive way or it is an impulse Buy. Impulse buys tend to be great in the moment and then may regret later on. If at the end of those 30 days it is still something that you want to buy then consider purchasing it.

The 30 day rule not only lets you think about whether the purchase is something you really need, but also gives you time to see if you can find it on sale or at least a bargain at other stores. The 30 day rule isn’t just for expensive items, it can be as simple as a new pair of shoes, a new video game or even a simple scarf. The examples are endless. The most important part is that you have time to determine is something worth the price. I’ve used the strategy a lot in the past few years, which has deterred me from buying quite a few things.


The idea of waiting provides you opportunity to also findout if there are likely sales on an item later on or if its something that needs to be bought in the moment. It also gives you time to figure out if the purchase works within a budget. We can usually make anything fit in the budget, but it doesnt mean we are being honest with ourselves. Its always best to be less reactive and more rational.

My example

I have had several examples of this. When I initially wrote this article I had to get a new phone after an accident with mine and researched all the new phones that were out. I contemplated the Samsung Note 9; but for me, I couldn’t justify the price at that time. It ended up that I chose a phone that came out the year prior for half the price, which was still one of the best phones on the market at the time. And have even used it recently with deciding if I needed to upgrade my phone after 2 years. There are some things that I may eventually by but at this moment that is something that I don’t need.

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