Save money on cellphone bill

Top 13 Tips to Save Money on Cellphone Bill!

Who doesn’t want the newest and latest phones? One of the biggest bills is usually is around the cellphone. Trying to find ways to decrease this can be tricky. However, there are ways to minimize the overall cost. With just a simple conversation with your carrier rep or a little research, you can save money on cellphone bill. Let’s jump right in with our tips!

1. Cut out things that you don’t need

Do you need data on all of your devices? Do you need a mobile hotspot option? There are somethings that can be cut out depending on the person. If you have a bunch of extra devices, figure out if you actually need data on them. This adds a monthly expense for the device that may be wasted. How often do you use a mobile hotspot? In the past, we were getting charged for the option of using a mobile hotspot but never actually do. By removing this, we were able to save money on cellphone bill pretty quickly.  

2. Negotiate a better price

This is similar to the first tip but different. If you have areas of your bills that you don’t use, try to negotiate out of them or with another carrier service. If you can talk down, even a couple smaller fees, then it can save you quite a bit. They may not seem like a lot but over the course of the year, the fees add up. Even if you are military or have a family member that is in or was in the military, you may be able to get a discount on your bill. It does not hurt to check. Verizon is one carrier that I know provide a military discount. 

3. Utilize an employer discount

Depending on where you are working, you may have some hidden perks. On occasion, you can get a discount from your employer on your cellphone plan. This will vary from place to place but it is possible. It is usually 10-20% off the phone plan but not including add ons just the base phone plan. The discount can be related to the field in which you work as well. But it is always to find out if there are any organization discounts when starting a job anyways. 

4. Shop deals on phones

If you are in need of a new phone, then make sure that you are shopping for the best deals. This is especially true if you can get by for a few months. I usually recommend planning on getting a new phone a couple of months ahead of time. This way you can research the phones ahead of time as well as wait for the best deals. Nothing is worse than having to scramble to buy a new phone, inevitably more money is spent that way. Many carriers have deals throughout the month, for example, Verizon has a dedicated deals page, same with Sprint and T-Mobile as well! Watch for deals from time to time. The other piece that comes into play is that you have to know your phone trade-in value to help save money on any potential upgrade. 

5. May not need an upgrade at this time

The biggest expense with any cellphone plan is the phone its self. If you are able to transfer your phone to the carrier (if unlocked) then this is the best option. Bringing your phone will save you quite a bit of money. Most companies have a lease program for the phones. On occasion, you can get a free phone when you switch, at which time would be a good time to get a new phone. 

The other case that comes up is that you’ve had your phone for a couple of years and could upgrade. The big question is if you actually need to? If the phone is functioning properly without any issues, then keep with it longer to prolong a lease fee or paying outright for the phone. If your phone is acting up, then shop deals to save money on an upgraded phone such as with Verizon deals.

6. Cut the insurance

Are you clumsy when it comes to phones? If so, I would avoid this tip. However, if you rarely damage your phone, then I would opt out of getting insurance. It is an added monthly expense that may never be used. Most insurances will cover the cost of a replacement phone plus a processing type fee which is typically around $50. If you are paying a monthly fee, you may want to weigh out if it’s worth having if the worst should happen and the phone breaks. In my case, I haven’t damaged the phone to the point of not working in several years. I always make sure that I have a case that reduces the risk of major damage from drops. Review how you’ve handled your phones in the past and determine if you should have insurance on your phones. 

7. Use Wifi more than data if limited

This one is depending on if you have unlimited data or not. If you have a data limit, then make sure to use Wifi as often as possible. This prevents you from accidentally going over your monthly limit for data. If you rarely use data, then it may save money to go to a lower data limit and use Wifi than to pay for unlimited data. This will depend on your normal cell phone usage and deals that the service providers are running at that tie. 

8. Change cell phone settings – limit background data

If you do not have unlimited data on your cellphone plan, then make sure to limit it. You can set your phone to limit the data that is used. You can turn off mobile data at times when you know that you will not be using it. This saves money because it prevents you from going over your data limit. It can get expensive quick for every gigabit of data that you go over, usually around $15 per gig. 

Save money on cellphone bill

9. Paperless billing

Going paperless can be a win-win as this can sometimes save you money on your phone bill but also is better for the environment. This will have your phone bill sent directly to your email inbox, which also makes it less likely to be missed. It happens where you set a bill down and forget about it, this will help to keep your bills organized. I have seen several companies in the past that will provide a small discount, as low as $5 off per month for switching, which I feel is well worth it. 

10. Switch to autopay

Going into the process of making things more streamline similar to paperless billing, is autopay. Setting autopay is extremely easy and will make sure you don’t accidentally miss a payment. Again, some companies in the past have done a small discount by setting this up, but not always the case. You will still get a copy of your phone bill but it will automatically charge your debit/credit card on a given day of the month. 

11. Avoid contracts if possible

This one is difficult nowadays but it is still possible. Although a lot of carriers are no longer doing contracts, they still have you on the hook for leasing the phone. Realistic it is arguing semantics as it comes out the same but the titling is different. In the past, you would get a free phone but tied to a 2-year contract. If you are able to avoid being tied to any company for greater than a year will help to shop the best deals. 

12. Switch cell phone providers

This is similar to the above tip, switch carriers to where you can get the best deal. This may be due to a discount from employers or who is running the best deals. It is easier to do if you do not have a contract with your current carrier. Don’t be afraid to find the best deal as it will save money on cellphone bill and keep more money in your accounts. 

13. Make use of any carriers reward programs

This varies by the carrier but I know that Verizon has a reward program that gives you a point each month from personal experience. This can be a $5-10 credit towards a new phone that can be banked each month to save towards a new device. Occasionally you can get a free $5 gift card to different locations such as Starbucks. This is changing soon and will update when this happens Make sure to check with your current carrier for any type of reward program that could be available.

There are quite a few ways to save money on cellphone bill but may take a little time on the phone with the carrier or research to see what is available. This should be a common approach to your cellphone to make sure that you are not spending more than you actually need to. 

Have you used any of these tips in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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