Cinderella Castle Update to Get Royal Treatment

The most iconic scene going to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is looking down the Main St corridor and seeing Cinderellas castle perched at the very end. This is a breathtaking site that instills the magic of Disney World. It has undergone several iterations and updates in the past but Disney has reported that we will soon see a Cinderella Castle Update for 2020. This was announced through Disney Parks Blog earlier this week!

What will the Update Look like?

This Magic Kingdom centerpiece will get a facelift so to speak with updated trim that looks to pop and capture guests’ attention. From the concept art, It will keep the distinct grey archway and blue roofing which is classic Cinderella. However, the blue may be darkened to more of a purple hue from the current light, almost sky blue color. The trim will now be embossed with a bright gold to offset the darkened roofline. It almost has a feel of being an Instagram filter being placed over the castle. This is neither a good nor bad thing but will try to create more of a royal feel.

Was it time for a Cinderella Castle Update?

This transformation isn’t a great surprise as they have done updates several times over the years. What is cool about this is that it was announced on the 70 anniversary of Cinderella’s animated release. One thing that will be interesting when this is completed is whether it will look as tall. This may seem like a silly statement at first glance. However, the original Imagineering chose the colors to create a forced perspective to make the castle appear taller than it actually is. They could create the same illusion by dulling the colors subtly at the top. Nevertheless, it is not clear if this will be the case. 

Photo Courtesy of Disney

No start or completion estimate has been released as of yet but will update this article when it becomes available. It will likely start relatively soon to make sure it is completed for the 50th anniversary which is October of 2021. 

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