Disney Magic of Storytelling

Disney magic of Storytelling

Nothing opens up a child’s imagination and transports them to a far off place than diving into a book. Reading should always play a role in a child’s upbring as it feeds their creative power and helps them develop into who they will become. Disney has been doing their part for several years and continues to help children read. This is through the Disney Magic of Storytelling program that comes around once a year. 

What is the Magic of Storytelling?

This is a program that Disney has started where they will donate a book for everyone that participates. This is in collaboration with First Book. This will take place between January 13th and March 31st, 2020. 

How do I participate?

You can jump on the chance to help spread the joy of reading by taking a “Shelfie” and posting to social media, either Twitter or Instagram. When posting it, make sure to use the hashtag #Magicofstorytelling so that it can be counted. This helps for it to be counted in the donated books. 

Disney magic of Storytelling

You can also buy a book through the Shop Disney website and they will donate a book as well. The books will be donated to the First Book, who is a nonprofit that provides books to teachers or educators serving children in need. There is also the chance to bid through First Book as well; for every bid, Disney will donate a book to First Book. They will donate up to a million books for charity across all three methods of participation. 

It takes only a couple minutes to help and Disney will donate with the Magic of Storytelling! All children should have access to books and this is a great way to make sure that happens. 

Are you going to do a “Shelfie”? Let us know in the comments