2020 Disney World Price Increase Taking Effect

2020 Disney World Price Increase

It looks like it is that time of year again with the 2020 Disney World price increase. This has been a smaller increase in prices, however, it is still a price increase none the less. We will delve into the 2020 Disney World price increase. The base ticket price for 1 day remains at $109 starting price and up to $159 for 1-day ticket depending on timing throughout the year. Moreover, the range for a 10-day ticket can range from $52 to $67 per day. There has also been an increase in the Park Hopper add on.

  • 1-day tickets – $65 per ticket
  • 2-3 day Tickets – $75 per ticket
  • 4-10 day Tickets – $85 per ticket

With Park Hopper option

This has been an increase of $5 which is not as bad as it had been in the past. However, If you are looking at adding the Park Hopper Plus, that will be a little more expensive as well, about $20 more. 

  • 1-day Tickets – $85
  • 2-3 day Tickets – $95
  • 4-10 day tickets – $105

Park Hopper Plus option

If you don’t know what this includes, here is a little bit of a breakdown the Park Hopper allows guests to go from one park to another within the same day. So say you want to spend the morning at Magic Kingdom and the afternoon at Epcot, you can do this without using an extra ticket with this add on option. The Park Hopper Plus allows guests to go to the Wide World of Sports, Disney’s Oak Trail Golfcourse, NBA experience, Water parks, and the two Mini Golf course. 

Disney World Annual Pass increase

This was pretty much across the board for non-Florida residents, which we will post later about Floridian rates. The current non-Floridian rates are as follows:

  • Disney Premier AP is now up to $2119
  • Disney Platinum Plus Annual Pass is now $1295, was $1219
  • Disney Platinum Annual Pass is now $1195, was $1119
  • Disney Gold Annual Pass is now $719, was $699
  • Disney Silver Annual Pass is now $539, was $519
  • Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass is now $369, was $349
  • EPCOT Afer 4 Annual Pass is now $319, was $304
2020 Disney World Price Increase

There have not been any changes for the Annual Passes for Florida residents. This includes both the Disney Platinum and Platinum Plus. Disney Platinum Plus Pass is currently at $999 and the Platinum Pass is $899. The Disney Theme Park Select Pass is currently $439 and has not been changed. 

If you have already booked a Disney vacation or bought your tickets, then you are grandfathered in. The new prices for Disney World are for tickets from this point forward. Furthermore, it is likely that the vacation packages may increase in the not too distant future. The price increase is likely due to the cost of living increase and Cast member salary increases. In addition, Disney World is also continuing to expand, which could account for the 2020 Disney World Price increase as well.