After Christmas decoration sales – Best time to buy decorations

Most people fall within one of two categories, either they want to keep their decorations up or they want to get them down as quick as possible. No matter which category you fall into, you should start thinking about next year. I know what you’re thinking, that seems absurd. But starting to plan ahead can save you quite a bit of money come next year. A lot of stores start offering good discounts with after Christmas decoration sales the day after up to the week following Christmas. Many of the sales include close to 50% discounts the day after Christmas and better deals a few days later. Make a list of things that you want to get to prevent buying things that you don’t need, And as always, make sure to set a spending limit to prevent breaking your budget.

This is the best time to buy the decorations you may have been holding off on. For some, this may be updating lights that are 5+ years old or could be as elaborate as new blow-ups. Shop the deals to make the switch from tradition bulbs to LEDs, which will later save you money on electricity! After Christmas decoration sales are the time when we buy a majority of our new decorations and set them aside for next year. It is all up to how much you are willing to spend or what you were looking for to update or replace for decorations.

Online deals

I’m currently writing this 2 days after Christmas, Walmart has their Christmas decorations 50% off and will likely increase to about 75% within the next few days. You can score these deals either in-store or online. But remember if you are buying online then go through Swagbucks for Ebates to get some money back. You can find LED lights for cheap with a lot of the sales. One thing that is often overlooked is fuses and timers. You can usually score at least 50% discount on these items which will come in handy the next year. Plus shopping this time of year, you have an idea of things that you may want to get rid of such as garland.

In-store deals

One of the big after Christmas decoration sales that I found this year was at Lowe’s. 2 days after Christmas and a lot of their decorations are 75% off, including Disney inspired decorations. If you are someone that likes to always update their decorations, then after Christmas decoration sales are your best way to save you a little bit of cash. Their $150 blow-ups are currently on sale for $37.50. We scored a light projector set normally $100 for $25! Hobby Lobby is another great store to find steep discounts, as low as 50% before Christmas and up to 80% after Christmas!

Update for 2019

This year one of the big bees themes that I’ve seen is Frozen, which have already been marked down considerably; including some of the bigger gift packs. This can be a great idea to stock up on if you need gifts later on in the year. The only potential issue with this it’s whether or not the person will be into a particular theme at that time.  Well shopping day after Christmas sales this year, I have noticed that there does seem to be less outdoor decorations than in years past. This may be limited to my area, but there was not a lot available at the time of writing this. If you are looking for indoor decor and lighting, there was plenty to choose from at the stores that I went to.

What is your biggest after Christmas decoration sale find? Let us know in the comments below