Universal’s Surfside Inn Reopening This Summer

Even a year after the closure of the parks, there are a lot of areas of the theme parks that haven’t come back yet. This includes several hotels but that is slowly changing. Some hotels had opened up then shut back down periodically over the past year. We have seen this at most of the theme parks in Florida. However, we are now seeing more and more reopening. At Universal, now know that Universal’s Surfside Inn reopening soon. It was expected to be reopening later this summer but will be opening later this month. 

When will Surfside Inn reopen?

Universal’s Surfside Inn is set to reopen on Wednesday, May 26th. For those that don’t know, they closed down around the start of the year. There was no reason given but likely due to trying to limit capacity until restrictions were starting to be lifted. Even currently on Universal’s website, there is no information as to closure. Either way, this is a move in a good direction with the slow increase of capacity. 

Universal's Surfside Inn

Surfside backstory

Universal’s Surfside inn opened up in 2019 along with its sister resort, Dockside Inn; which makes up the Endless Summer Resort. These are both under the Value resorts, making them the cheapest resorts on Universal Property. Surfside is a little smaller than Dockside but still has both standard rooms as well as suites that will fit up to 6 guests. Even with it being a value resort, you still get a lot of the same benefits as some of the more expensive resorts. One of the best perks of the resort is the early access to the Universal Studios parks. This gives resort guests an extra hour in either park before it opens for the day.

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