Universals Epic Universe Theme Park Announced!

Epic News has been announced for Universal Studios earlier this morning! There have been long-standing rumors about a new park that would be opening at Universal Studios Orlando but nothing had been confirmed, until now. The newest park coming to Orlando will be Universal’s Epic Universe theme park! Information is still limited around what this park will entail but should hear more over the next couple of months. 

Courtesy of Universal Studios

What we know at this point

Universal reports that this will be a “new level of experience” for entertainment within a theme park. From the description provided, it sounds like this will be a deeply immersive land that will transport guests into their favorite stories. The project is expected to cost at least 160 Million, which seems like it will be on the very low end of what is expected. The park will be constructed a few miles down Universal Boulevard in a 750-acre site. 

Courtesy of Universal Studios

Once Epic Universe is open, it will reportedly add 14,000 new staff to the Universal park. Furthermore, the starting pay for the team members will be $15 per hour which seems to be becoming a standard starting salary. For that many new employees, the park is expected to be massive. Epic Universe will have new hotels, restaurants, and shops, along with attractions

What we don’t know

Epic Universe theme park
Courtesy of Universal Studios

There has not been any word on what IPs (intellectual properties) will be present in the park. An example of IPs currently in the parks would be Harry Potter or Despicable Me. There had been rumors over the years but nothing that is concrete at this point. They have released some concept art of what it will look like but nothing is definite. The conference was reportedly wrapped up with “A universe is larger than a world”

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