Universal Studios Dark Arts show coming soon

There has been a lot of Universal Studios news released within the past week but today will be focusing on the new nighttime show that will be coming to the Hogwarts castle! Things are taking a little bit of a dark turn over the castle later this year. When most people think of the light show at Hogwarts Castle and Universal Studios, they think of a celebration of the Hogwarts houses and adventure. We shall see what happens when the other side of magic takes over with Universal Studios Dark Arts. This should be a huge change but looks to be an excellent addition. You may even see more of a Slytherin type feel to the Hogwarts castle.

Photo credit: Universal Studios

No release dates have been announced as of yet for Universal studios Orlando but we can expect to see a very different twist. It has been reported by Universal, that guests shall see magical creatures of all kinds. It is expected that creatures such as Thestrals, Acromantula, Dementors, and Mountain trolls will make an appearance. With Dementors being present, make sure you master your Patronus spell! They will be accompanied by the Death Eaters to show off their powers. The Universal Studios Dark Arts show would not be complete without “he-who-shall-not-be-named” to do battles with the forces of good. Nothing is complete “until one of the wizarding world’s most famous defensive charms is cast”.

Hogwarts Castle Universal studios

What does this mean?

There is only speculation as to what powerful spell shall be cast. The Universal Studios Dark arts projection show will be located on the Hogsmeade side of the castle, which is located in Islands of Adventure. There will also be a similar show at Universal Studios Hollywood. The London Symphony Orchestra will provide some of the music/ambiances along with music from the original motion pictures. Universal Studios Hollywood is scheduled to hold special events in April and May. April will be from 13th to 28th and May will be from 25th to 27th. Make sure your wand is ready and start practicing your defensive magic. Depending on when you are going, you could luck out in seeing this show! This should truly be a magical experience.

Who else is excited for this?