Universal Studios Updated Mask Policy for Orlando

When Universal started to plan for the reopening, we saw the proposal they made to the Orange County task force. The opening has gone as well as can be expected with all of their safety measures in place. However, now we are seeing an update in their face mask policy. Although this is not a major change, it will be noticeable. Here’s what to expect with the Universal Studios updated mask policy.

Updated Mask Policy 5/30/21

There has been a huge update to Universal Studios mask policy that has already start. Part of the change is that vaccinated guests will no longer be required to wear a mask. The caveat, which is questionable, is that they will not require proof of vaccinations. Previously they had updated to no masks outdoors but now this will be in place for both indoor or outdoors. With change, they have gone a similar route to that of Sea World which had previously changed their mask requirements.

Update as of August 1st 2020

Since posting the article earlier this week, Universal Studios has clarified part of the mask policy yet again. Starting on August 3rd, gaiter-type masks will now be usable within the parks. As long as it covers nose and mouth and secured under the chin, you will be safe. The policy also states: “Face coverings that are unable to be secured under your chin, such as bandannas, are not permitted”. This is likely in place to avoid any confusion between gaiters and bandana.

New change to the policy

One of the biggest loopholes in their reopening strategy was in regards to eating and drinking. Although this policy seems straightforward when you’re eating and drinking you’re able to take your mask down and when you’re not, you pull your mask back up. The problem being that people have been holding onto drinks and using this as a means to keep their masks down, even if they were not actively drinking. This became a big loophole especially in areas like CityWalk. As long as you were carrying food or a drink then team members at Universal Studios wouldn’t say anything.

 Now with the change in policy, it is required that unless you are actively eating or drinking, you have to keep your mask on. This is likely to cut down on people wandering around the parks with their masks down under the guise of drinking/eating. 

Past policy still in place

The rest of the mask policies have not changed at this point. There are four types of masks that are not allowed at Universal currently:

  • Masks or face coverings with exhalation valves
  • Ones that are not secured with either ear loops or around the head
  • Masks that are made of mesh type material or that have holes
  • Costume type masks as this goes against their costume policy as well 

We may see this change a little bit as time goes on. Even Disney has updated their face mask policy a little bit to match this but also requiring that individuals stop off to the side when eating or drinking. This really doesn’t change the policy that was already in place but provides more details as to what the original plan/policy actually was. Oftentimes if there is any ambiguity, and leaves it up to interpretation which they are working to iron out.

What do you think of the Universal Studios Updated Mask Policy? Let us know in the comments below! 

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