Disney World Permanently Closing 3 Attractions

There are many parts of the theme park experience that have been limited with the reopening of Disney world, from attractions, shops, and restaurants. However, we now have word that several attractions will not be reopening all together. A couple of them were not unexpected, however, one may have taken most by surprise. The announcement that Disney World permanently closing 3 attractions came several days ago. Of the 3 attractions, this includes 2 rides and 1 night-time show. 

Stitches Great Escape

There had been talks about this one closing for quite some time. When it was open, this was nearly a walk-on ride with very little wait. With this ride/attraction, you are a guard for experiment 626 at the Galactic Federation Prisoner Teleport Center. In the past, this was reduced to a seasonal attraction and then later closed for refurbishment. With not being a big crowd draw, It may be redesigned in the future to a new type of attraction. But no word has been made for this. When Disney starts to incorporate more character greet as more things open up, it will likely continue to be home to Stitch!

Primeval Whirl

Primeval whirl closure doesn’t come as too big of a surprise either as this had been closed for most of the summer in 2019. If you are unfamiliar with this ride, it was located in Dinoland USA at Animal Kingdom. This became more of a seasonal attraction rather than a stable ride. This had been a fairly long-running ride at Animal Kingdom as it opened in 2002. It is unclear if this will make way for another ride in the future. If it does, it will likely be part of a long term strategy 

Photo courtesy of Disney Parks

River of Light: We are One

Of all the closures, this comes as the biggest little surprise as this just debuted in the Summer of 2019. Rivers of Light: We are One was a revamping of the original River of Light that opened in 2017. This nightly show used music, floats, and water projections to dazzle its audience while telling a story. At the time of writing this, River of Light page on Disney Worlds website has been taken down. No specifics have been provided on whether this will be reimagined in the future or if they will continue to hold off any nighttime shows at Animal Kingdom. 

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