Spiderman on Disney Plus Soon A Reality!

The MCU is nearly completed but has been lacking for the past couple of years, at least on Disney Plus. Our favorite web-slinger has become almost a staple of the Avengers but is nowhere to be seen on Disney Plus. This is due to the complex rights that have become a mess between Disney and Sony since the start of the MCU. But now we will soon get Spiderman on Disney Plus

This is big!

It seems almost unprecedented deal between Disney and Sony. It wasn’t even several years ago that the Avengers nearly lost Spiderman. The two businesses had gone back and forth but finally came to an agreement to continue Spidy’s contribution to the Avengers. But now we will get to see him on a new platform. With this arrangement between them is worth an estimated $3 billion or more. This will likely expand beyond the MCU to include other content from Sony but not a lot of information has been released. This could take place soon with releases as soon as 2022 onto Disney Plus and/or Hulu. It will be a long 6-year deal that will spread Sony titles across Disney channels, Freeform, Hulu, Disney Plus, ABC, and FX networks. There will be a delay while new content is sent to Netflix for a short run then moved to a Disney platform. 

Spiderman on Disney Plus
Courtesy of Disney and Sony

But I thought Disney Owned Marvel?

Short answer, yes they do. However, the long answer is very intricate but will try to simplify. Marvel rights are broken down into many different avenues which areas are still controlled or lent to other organizations. This is where the age-old complaint comes into place with why Disney World isn’t getting the Avengers Campus in the parks. Universal owns the rights for any Marvel characters within their parks but for parks only. They can not, however, produce any movies or television shows.

For Movies and television, Disney owns a majority of the rights to the properties. But Spiderman is the big exception. Sony has had the rights for Spiderman for quite some time as they have continued to produce the Spidy films since even Toby Mcguire donned the costume. Then producing several other Spiderman films over the year, including the joint venture with Spiderman of the MCU. This will now have a Disney-based home even if still owned by Sony. 

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