Disney Plus GroupWatch Starting Now!

Disney Plus has been out for almost a year now and is constantly working on rolling out new features to improve the user experience. One of the more recent features is the ability to buy/rent movies such as what was done with the Mulan release. Whether you love or hate the idea, it was a progression of the streaming service. However, the new feature could change the way you watch movies with Disney Plus Groupwatch.

What is Disney Plus Groupwatch?

Groupwatch is a new addition that allows multiple Disney Plus accounts to link and watch the same movie at the same time in different locations. If you have friends across the country, you can link the accounts and watch something altogether. What is even better is that everyone has control. If someone needs a break, they can pause their TV and it will pause all of the streams. This is the same for fast-forwarding or rewinding.

You will also be able to interact with the movie with reaction emojis. This is done through the mobile or web app. For the app, you can swipe to the left and click an emoji

How do I invite others to Group watch?

This can be done through either the Web or mobile app; however, this can only be done by the host. There is a button with 3 people on it located on a titles detail page. Once you click on this button, you’ll be able to invite others with a link. This can be done for up to 7 people (including the host) and up to 4 profiles under a Disney+. 

How do I join GroupWatch?

You will need to go through the mobile or web app to accept the invite. Once that is completed, then you will be able to connect it to the TV. You can search for the movie or show title that you’ve joined. On the title screen, you will see the GroupWatch (3 people in a circle) icon and select “Join Stream”. You can then share reactions throughout the video.

This seems like a great feature in theory. We will see how this could be further adjusted in the future and if it ends up being popular or not. 

Is the Disney Plus GroupWatch something you would use? Let us know in the comments below!