Lion king show return to Disney!

A good chorus of Hakuna Matata would be great right about now. It has been a long time since the Lion King show has performed. It was originally with the rest of the park during the first quarter of 2020. With the limitations and restrictions after the reopening, it was difficult for any show to reopen. Disney has been working to try to out logistics for reopening shows but difficult to keep people safe. However, there is good news, the Lion King show return to Disney soon!

When will it fully return?

This is unclear as it has not been officially announced, It does look like it will be ready for a Mid-May reopening. There have also been videos and photos from inside the Harambe Theatre. It was previously announced that the Lion King show would return this summer, so this seems like it was moved up. Part of this is likely due to changes in the atmosphere and adapting safety recommendations.

Lion king show return to Disney

Will this be the same show?

It will be slightly modified from the show back in 2020. Of the changes, the biggest will be capacity change to the Harambe theatre. There will also likely be changes to keep the performers safe. With recommendations to prevent illness, there may be other changes that will take place. However, with that being said, the best news is that the music will be the same familiar songs. 

Within the next couple of months, we should hear more about other shows and attractions coming back from their hiatus. Lion King has been an incredibly popular show and will be a big addition for Animal Kingdom to get back. The shows tend to get guests into the seats rather than in other areas of the park. By opening more of the shows, then lines will likely improve as well. This will be great for the park all around!

Are you looking forward to the Lion King show return to Disney again? Let us know in the comments below!