Rise of the Resistance Opening Date Announced

The rebels are launching a resistance against the First Order on Disney World’s newest ride to be opening! This is a ride that many have been looking forward to since its announcement several months ago. It was announced on 7/11 that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be making its grand opening within the next 6 months. This ride will be located within the newest areas to Disneyland and Hollywood Studios, Galaxy’s Edge! People were a little disappointed when Galaxy’s Edge opened without the Rise of the Resistance ride being available. However, we have word that it will be making its entrance soon. Are you ready to join the Resistance?

Courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm

What will it be like?

This is a new style of ride being brought to Disney World and Disneyland based on a trackless system. The ride looks to be a multi-area experience where you will be recruited by Rey and General Organa and captured by a First Order Star Destroyer. Rise of the Resistance will be an amazing experience. With the new ride, this will add to the continued popularity of Galaxy’s Edge.  Look below for a teaser of what the new ride will be and what to expect!

When will it open?

According to Disney Parks Blog, Rise of the resistance opening will take place on December 5th at Disney World, which falls on Walt Disney’s birthday. The ride will open within Disneyland a month later on January 17th, 2020. Galaxy’s Edge opened In June for Disneyland and will be opening on August 29th at Disney World. It will accompany the Millenium Falcon ride that opened day one. Rise of the Resistance opening will usher in the completion of the Galaxy’s Edge area at least for the time being.

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