Disney responds to Country Bear Jamboree Rumor

There have been a lot of rumors swirling around Disney World changes within the past few weeks and seem to be escalating. The latest of which was the potential changes of Country Bear Jamboree (CBJ). The rumor stated that the Country Bear Jamboree would be closing and eventually replaced by a “Toy Story Marionette” type show that would be reminiscent of Woody’s Roundup. According to this source, the show was supposed to be switched before Magic Kingdoms 50th anniversary. As you can imagine, there was a lot of backlash about this potential change and Disney was quick to respond. 

Country bear jamboree rumor

Is this true?

At this point, no …not even close. Disney made quick work shutting down the rumor mill by announcing this was false. According to Disney Parks Blog, there are no plans (at the moment) to close Country Bear Jamboree. They further reported that CBJ will remain intact until the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom. It is unclear if there are potential changes coming after that time. The anniversary is not until 2021, so Country Bear Jamboree will be here for some time. Doesn’t look like CBJ will be going into hibernation for a few more years. Glad to see that the Country Bear Jamboree rumor was false!

In the future

This type of rumor is good at creating clickbait-y articles that get people wound up but hurts the Disney as a whole. It provides distrust once the rumors are proven wrong. It is okay to keep things as Opinion until proven otherwise. When reviewing information about your next Disney trip or just keeping up to date with the latest Disney news, it is important to make sure to get information about upcoming changes. There are a lot of sites out there that put out rumors, that are usually unfounded. Even if its simple rumors such as we saw with the Country Bear Jamboree rumor.

We pride ourselves on providing accurate news and, if proven contrary, will update articles. If there are rumors that we are listing, it will be set as an opinion piece to decrease confusion. Be careful with which sites you use for accurate news as their “sources” may not be as in the know as they may think. 

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