New rule changes at Disney parks coming May 1st

With crowds from spring break have started to let up and a few months out from their busiest time of the year, Disney has made a fairly big announcement. There has been several changes coming to Disney parks as of this morning in regards to rules for guests. Some will be minimal changes while others will be a little more controversial. There are 3 changes that may impact your next Disney trip. For some this will have little to no impact but just things to be aware of. Most of these can be navigated without any issue with a little planning ahead of time.


As of May 1st, guests will have new restrictions on the size of stroller that will be allowed within the parks. When this rolls out, Strollers will need to be 31” (79 cm) wide or less and 52” (132 cm) long or less. For a lot of people, this will be a minor issue. There are many strollers that still fall within these guidelines, even with some double strollers. With that being said, if you are bringing your own stroller, make sure to break out those tape measures. Many of the rental companies for strollers, if you are not bringing your own, should have plenty in stock.

Picture Courtesy of Disney

Wagons will no longer be permitted in the parks as well. With this being said, there was already limitations on the type of wagons that could be used. However this now includes stroller wagons. The overall goal of this is likely to decrease walkway congestion which can be problematic, especially towards the end of the evening.

Loose ice

This one was a little different than the rest as I’m not sure the rationale behind this one besides maybe because of messes left on the side walk. With this new restriction, guests are not permitted to bring in loose or dry ice into the parks. You may still use reusable ice packs at this time. You may also stop at any quick-service locations for a complimentary cup of ice per Disney parks website

Picture Courtesy of Disney


Lastly and probably the most controversial change coming to the Disney parks is that there will no longer be any smoking areas within the parks. Previously there were designated areas of the park for smoking but they will no longer be available as of May 1st. This includes at Disneyland, Disney World, water parks, Downtown Disney in California. There are still areas designated for smoking outside the entrances to the parks. This includes and area outside of Disney Springs in Florida. There will also be smoking areas at Disney resorts as well.

Picture Courtesy of Disney

Again all of these changes will be starting as of May 1st, so plan accordingly. Do you agree with these changes, why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!