Mears Connect Replacing Magical Express

We’ve known for some time that Disney’s Magical Express was going to be coming to an end at the start of 2022. Now we know what it will be replaced with. This will be a new service to be offered by Mears directly that will pick up guests at the Orlando International Airport and bring them to their Disney resort. Previously Disney’s Magical Express was maintained by Mears for all the shuttle service needs but part of the Disney resort package. This had become a beloved service for any guests that didn’t want to rent a vehicle. This was offered at no cost as part of the Disney resort packages but that will be coming to an end. Soon to be replaced by Mears Connect.

What is Mears Connect?

Mears will be a direct replacement for Magical Express. They will begin transporting Disney guests to and from Disney Hotels starting on January 1st, 2022. But there will be a difference compared to its predecessor. First, they will have Standard service. Standard will be a shared van or bus with a limited number of stops along the way. For instance, going to All-Star Sports, you may make a stop at All-Star Movies. For this service, it will be 1 rate for a round trip. It will be $27 per child and $32 per adult. For the Premium service, it is a flat rate of $200 for a group of 4. However, if you need more spots it is $55 for an additional passenger. 

History of Magical Express

This is a shuttle service started by Walt Disney World in partnership with Mears. It allows guests to be picked up and dropped off at the Orlando airport. In the past, they have also picked up the luggage and transported them to the hotels as well. However, this was shut down at the start of the pandemic for several months but returned in mid-July. But the luggage service has not returned yet. 

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