Magic Kingdom fireworks Returning Soon!

It is crazy to think that Disney has not had any fireworks in over a year. The last fireworks show took place before the start of the pandemic. Many guests have been looking forward to this coming back as we start to make our way back to a level of normalcy. First, it started with Epcot as they have had several weeks of firework testing. Part of this has been due to their new Epcot night show. However, no definitive date has been released. However, we are seeing a light for the Magic Kingdom fireworks returning in the near future. 

When will this take place?

The short answer is that we do not know. However, we know that they will be starting to test fireworks in Magic Kingdom within the next couple of weeks. Could there be fireworks by the 4th of July? It is possible but difficult to say at this time. The show may not change from 2019, which would be easier to get up and ready for the beginning of July. Testing for fireworks will likely be towards the end of June.

 It has not been stated what time the testing will start, this could be before park closing on those nights but unclear. If you are at the deluxe resorts, you may be able to get a view of the firework testing no matter what time they start. This is especially true at Disney’s Polynesian Village, from the beach. 

Magic Kingdom fireworks returning
Fireworks from 2019 MVMCP

Will there be a live-stream?

In the past, Disney would live-stream their Independence Day fireworks show which is always looked forward to. It is unclear if this will be possible this year but we will look for any updates. Last year, Disney had posted fireworks from 2019 which at least provided entertainment to those who could not go to the parks. 

Are you excited about Magic Kingdom fireworks returning within the next few weeks?

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