Disney Vaccine Mandate Announced!

There has been an increase in the number of cases more recently from the pandemic. The number had been on the decline for a long period of time but is now starting to surge again as restrictions were lifted. Vaccinations around the country had helped slow the surge, but vaccination rates have slowed in many cases. We are now seeing the efforts to stem the continued rise of cases. It was announced on July 30th that there would be a Disney Vaccine mandate for its Cast Members. This was after the mask update a few days before.

What does this mean?

This is currently going to be mandated for all salaried and non-union employees. However, it is likely that this is currently in ongoing discussions with the unions that Disney works with. There will be exemptions for the Disney vaccination mandate but it will be limited. For the exemptions, it is likely to be both medical and religious-based but limited otherwise. Cast members will have 60 days to comply with the mandate or get exemption status to keep their jobs, which puts it at the end of September. Unionized workers will have a later date are required as well.

Are there other organizations that are doing the same?

Yes, several large organizations have actually issued their own vaccine mandate for their employees. Walmart has come out with a similar mandate for its workers as well. This was done after Facebook, Google and Netflix have announced their own similar mandates. Even Blackrock, one of the largest asset companies in the US, has announced that any employees that are returning to the office will need to be vaccinated. There seems to be a growing number of corporations that are requiring vaccination before returning to offices. Which we will likely be seeing more in the near future. This has been a very polarizing decision fraught with arguments from both sides. there may be more that roll out similar policies to the Disney vaccine mandate.

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