Big Transportation Changes at Pop Century

One of the newest changes coming to Disney is the reduction in transportation options for at least 2 of their resorts. When staying at Disney, part of the benefit of staying on property is the use of free transportation. The transportation system is used to get guests to and from the parks however where you are in the process of seeing this change slightly.  It was known when the Skyliner was being built that there would be changes coming to the transportation system as a whole. We are now seeing it start to play out With the transportation changes at Pop Century. 

What changes are coming to Disney transportation

As of January 5th, 2020, Pop Century has started limiting its bus service to and from the park. The change now has buses running but at a lower frequency. Previously the buses were showing up 2-3 times an hour, sometimes four. But with the new change buses will depart once an hour for both Hollywood Studios and Epcot. This has upset a lot of guests as the change was not previously announced. Signs were set up at the resort, first noticed on the day of the change. 

Why the change?

This is solely speculation but it is likely two-fold: one to save money and to make transportation more efficient. There have been a couple of hiccups since the opening of the Skyliner, with one being a major issue. It seems as though Disney has fixed the issues since that time. With that being said, the Skyliner is efficient and provides a quicker option than the buses have. The other likely reason behind the change, and the reason that Disney put the Skyliner at Pop Century, is that Pop has its own buses. The buses don’t go to other resorts, so that is an added expense as it’s not being spread out. 

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What does this mean?

The transportation changes at Pop Century have upset some, especially those that are afraid of heights. However, the buses are still running once an hour. The change could be an inconvenience but with proper planning, this is less likely to cause major issues. This is not the first time there have been limitations on transportation, similarly at the resorts on the Monorail loop do not have buses to Magic Kingdom or Epcot. There are options to rent a car or take Minnie Vans but those are at an added cost. We are going later this year and look forward to taking the Skyliners. 

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