TODAY cafe at Universal Studios soft opening

We are always a fan of themed restaurants that provides a new and different experience, as they can change the overall feel of a trip. Universal Studios is no exception to this and they have done a great job with providing this type of dining experiences. On May 16th, they opened their newest themed cafe, the TODAY Cafe at Universal Studios Orlando. This will take the place of the Beverly Hills Boulangerie which had been there.

Dining in the studio

From what has been unveiled, it is exactly what you would expect with the white and orange decor. Arriving at the TODAY cafe, you will feel like you are walking on to the TODAY show set at Rockefeller Center Studio 1A. The detail is impressive down to the stage lighting and set design. During their grand opening, Al Roker made an appearance to the cafe and even helped craft a recipe for the seasonal menu. This was also met with a whole host of characters from the Universal family.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando

What will be offered?

The TODAY cafe will have both breakfast and lunch options that will include salads, sandwiches, and pastries. It has also been reported that there will be wine and beer on the menu. One of the highlighted options was the avocado toast that was created by Al Roker. You’ll be able to find the restaurant by the new Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon in Universal Studios Orlando park. There hasnt been any major changes to the food at Universal Studios until this point. TODAY cafe looks to bring in a new set of food options and a palate update to the park.

Photo Courtesy of Universal Studios Orlando

During our last trip, we just missed the opening of the newest themed restaurant at Universal Studios Orlando. But hopefully, we will be able to make it during the next trip. The TODAY Cafe at Universal Studios will be open every day and all day that the park is in operation. The menu will change slightly throughout the year which should make for great selections year round.

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