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Trying to build any type of savings or wealth, simply put, is about making smart decisions. This is a very basic concept by nature which makes it easier to follow; however, it also puts more stress on each decision. Often times it comes down to adjusting one’s own mindset. There are a lot of different […]
If you are constantly looking for a new stream of quick cash then the answer could be sitting in your closet right now. If you are like me and everyone else, you have things that you have bought in the past that you know you will never use and then finds itself packed away in […]
One of the most popular date night activities is going to the movies. However, this can be expensive especially in this day and age. It is not uncommon to drop $30-40 at the movies per trip. But there can be money-saving strategies that can be incorporated into movie night. Just because you were trying to […]
I feel like when I was growing up, I was always told how bad credit cards were and that I shouldn’t use them. But actually one of the biggest ways that we have saved money is by using our credit card smartly. If you use credit cards responsibly, then it can make a difference in […]
Now that we are over a quarter of the way through the year, this is usually the time when budgets start to suffer. It is always around this time of year that you make purchases that aren’t in your budgets. Whether this is bills or just random purchases. We get comfortable after seeing our savings […]
One of the quickest ways to save on your heating bill is to turn your thermostat down. This may seem a little ironic to be suggesting with winter right around the bend but this can lead to a decent amount of savings. I’m not talking about drastically reducing the temperature but decreasing it by a […]
There are a lot of different ways to save money while buying groceries but this is one that is a little different by investing upfront. There are certain staples around the house that we are constantly buying. This can be anything from dry goods to cleaning supplies. With these goods, I recommend buying in bulk […]