Robosen Buzz Lightyear Takes Collectibles to Infinity and Beyond!

The Buzz Lightyear movie, which was released earlier this year, examined the real genesis story of the renowned space ranger (voiced by Chris Evans). Although Lightyear had mixed reviews; they are about to get one of the coolest products of the year! This looks to be no exception with their latest endeavor. We have a look at what to expect with the Robosen Buzz Lightyear robot! Anyone who knows Robosen knows they go above and beyond with robotics. With its most sophisticated “living collectible”, Robosen has collaborated with Disney and Pixar to bring a new robot Buzz Lightyear to life. Which will bring about an enormous amount of gameplay possibilities. 

What makes Robosen’s Buzz so impressive

Buzz is known for his ability to jump into action as well. So the creative minds at Robosen wanted to create a product that is as accurate as possible. Robosen is known for their impressive work on Optimus Prime. However, Robosen has stepped up their game even further with the stats on Buzz Lightyear. With more than 50 microchips and 23 high-precision servo motors. Which is impressive enough but with Buzz being 16.5-inch tall and ability to walk about and interact with collectors for a completely realistic experience. The level of detail looks to be incredible!

The interactive Space Ranger will allow users to mimic Buzz Lightyear’s action moves or sequences. It is accomplished by using cutting-edge algorithms and allowing users to add different programming modes. Buzz can move in a wide variety of ways and display “excellent mobility, stability, and lifelike stances” per Robosen.

Check out their Youtube trailer

What about talking?

Moreover, much like Buzz, the robot will never be at a loss for words. Buzz will be preprogrammed with an extensive library of more than 200 unique movie sounds and phrases, clever speech recognition, and conversational voice interaction. Users will not need any specific phrases to activate the interactions either. 

Buzz Lightyear’s Alpha Suit looks to be a high-quality build, including “lifelike forms and hues from metal textures, antique finish, and battle-worn damage.” Depending on the robot selected, additional attachments may include an auto-converting XL-15 Jetpack, Space Ranger Blaster, Laser Gauntlet, and Laser Blade DX in addition to replaceable faces and combat suit gloves.

There will be two models for the Buzz Lightyear Robots.  The standard Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Alpha is currently up for pre-order for $649. Meanwhile, the collector’s limited edition Buzz Lightyear Infinity Pack is available for pre-order for $749. The Infinity Pack comes with comprising of five pairs of interchangeable hands and a full set of weapons. However, both models require a $99 USD deposit. As part of an early bird promotion that runs until November 12, these prices are less than RRP. If this is something that you would be likely to get, it may be worth picking up sooner rather than later if you can get in before the price increase later on! Check out their website for more information. Not necessarily for everyday fans but an incredible piece of technology for collectors!

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This is a non-sponsored post, just a look at a potentially amazing piece of tech!